“God gave me a word for you” my eyes teared up when I read these words. As I waited for her next text, my skepticism had a battle with my burning curiosity. My respect for her compelled me to be open to her input. “I keep hearing the word ’embrace’ and I don’t know what it means but I needed to tell you!” she wrote.

The impact of this word left me stunned, overwhelmed, relieved, and empowered at the same time. It was truly a God inspired word. One that she had no way of knowing held transformative power and significance for me.

Each year God gives me a word to hold in my heart that feeds my spirit, guides my goals, and choices throughout the year.

In 2013 my word was ‘Embrace.’ 

2013 was a pivotal year in my life and for our family. That was the year our youngest child left the nest, a proposal, a wedding, and singing on a rooftop in India dressed in a gorgeous sari as my son and daughter-in-love had their first dance as husband and wife. It involved a season of celebrating joys, as well as crying out to God in agony. I experienced a time of wondering where He was in my grief, finding my songwriting voice, and uncovering dormant gifts that revealed new dreams and purpose. It was a long night of finding the LIGHT in the darkness.

God’s voice rang clear in that one keyword

I knew exactly what it meant. I knew that the task ahead of me would not be easy, but, God was preparing the way and my assignment was to embrace His plan. Have you ever gotten a word from God that set your heart at rest? Confirmation is a beautiful thing, especially in those times when it’s the answer to a cry of the heart. Do you know the kind of cry I’m talking about? It’s a groaning in your soul that has no discernible vocabulary. It’s a wordless language that only the Holy Spirit understands.

God Gave Me a Word for You!

Her bold declaration of “God gave me a word for you” ignited a flame in my heart because it was the right word at that moment in my life. However, this happened several years ago. So why am I’m writing about it in this moment? Because my word for 2019 is NOW! No Opportunity Wasted. Pray for that friend NOW, call someone who needs encouragement, write that letter, reconcile with that family member. NOW is all we have so NOW is the time to listen, love, laugh, and live. And because I fully believe that God gave me this word for you!

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