“I’ve never loved you!” Four powerful words from an indignant three year old fighting sleep. “Have a good nap, sweetheart!” I reply. I look back at this decades old memory and laugh. If I had thought those words were actually true I might have a different reaction. However, since they come from An American Tail, a movie we watched over and over again, there is no cause for alarm.

Words from someone you treasure have the power to heal or humiliate, to inspire or criticize, to comfort or condemn.  I chat with family online and we use our words to connect with one another and shorten the distance across the miles from Belize to the United States and to Australia.

By faith we understand that the world was created by God’s word. God’s words have immense power. He merely breathed a word and the stars were born. His word is trustworthy because they are true and will never come back empty. Jesus used words to teach, heal, confront, and encourage. The Holy Spirit speaks comfort to us and prays for us.

How Do You Use Your Words?

Our words have the power to change someone’s world if spoken in a timely manner.

Sometimes we don’t need to say anything to a friend: a nod, a hug, or even a look can speak volumes as well. There are also times when someone needs a listening ear. Do you hold sacred what is spoken in confidence by a friend? Or are you eager to share that juicy tidbit with someone else? Gossip is an abuse of words and framing it as a prayer request does not redeem the offense. As someone who regularly is entrusted with deep wounds from the hearts of those who come into our office, I take this honor and responsibility very seriously.

Those of us in leadership can use our words to encourage and empower those we are shepherding. As a parent we can use words to teach, guide, and affirm our children. Spouses can support their husband or wife with the words spoken to them or about them.

Our words might be the food a hungry soul needs to prevent starvation.

We must choose them wisely. We must use them responsibly ~ all for the glory of God!

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