Wonder Woman inspired me when we were together over the holidays!

She ran down the hill singing at the top of her lungs, “And no one knows how far it goes!”

We hunted butterflies, searched for tigers, and avoided the ‘pokey’ weeds as we played in the park before her bedtime.

Watching her imagination at work flooded my spirit with joy.

I am beyond grateful for her influence in my life.

Confidence, determination, and a strong spirit of adventure all wrapped up in a two year old frame.

I listened to her declarations of what she can do and then watched her show me that she could do it. She has an inner strength that many women I know would envy…starting with me!

Time spent with her confirmed the word God gave me for 2018:


Courage in Hebrew is ‘Chazak’. Which means ‘to be strong’.

The verse that is guiding me this year is Ezra 10:4 and includes three imperatives:

1. Get Up
2. Be Strong (chazak)
3. Take Action

Meditating on those three statements convicts me to take them on as goals for the year.

I have new music I’ve written that needs to be recorded. I have new goals that I’ve set as I seek to learn and grow this year. I have new responsibilities to live up to. In each instance I must Get Up, Be Strong, and Take Action.

My little Wonder Woman didn’t care who was watching when she ran down the hill singing, she was doing what she felt compelled to do. And I’m grateful to have learned that lesson from her.

Strong women boldly follow their God-given instincts.

Do you have a word or phrase inspiring your goals for this year? If so I’d love to hear it!

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