Tom and I are eagerly awaiting time with our family in Australia.

It’s been two years since we’ve seen our son, daughter in love, and granddaughter.

This year our hopeful hearts await the birth of our second grandchild, creating priceless memories with our granddaughter, and treasuring moments with Spencer and Meesha.

I wrote my first Christmas song two years ago. And the very first line is, “Hope was born in a manger”.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. In many churches around the world the candle of Hope would have been lit today.

Is there any hope in your heart this year?

If so, then where are you placing your hope?

Eve had hope when the serpent told her that she could be like God. Her misplaced hope led to expulsion from the Garden of Eden. We must be careful about where we place our hope. Misplaced hope can have eternal consequences.

I have hopes and dreams for my granddaughter and the grandbaby that is on the way but the true Hope of the world was born over 2000 years ago.

Jesus Christ is our Hope! And our hope in Him will never disappoint.

May this be a season for the God of Hope to fill each one of us with His presence.

May this be a season of hope in our hearts, our homes, and our communities.

May this be a season of celebrating the birth of the God of all Hope!

You can listen to that first Christmas song here!


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