I’ve learned many life lessons over the years. And I’ve had to face one test after the next.

I’m enrolled in university online and each week I study a chapter, take notes, and re-read the material in preparation for a quiz.

Every four chapters there’s a more challenging test. The weekly quizzes are part of the ground work for that exam.

There is so much to take in and remember as I prepare for each week.

However, after all of my experience with this class I have come to learn that the test is not the lesson.

Tests are given after you cover the material that you’re expected to learn. The purpose of testing is to see if you can apply what you’ve learned.


Have you ever been tested by life?

I know that I have.

How do we prepare for the challenges that life brings us? Let’s take a look at a few ways that might help!

3 Ways to Prepare for Life’s Challenges:

  1. Time in God’s word: The time we invest in reading our Bibles is invaluable. Each time we identify with a particular Bible hero we can use their story to help us learn what to do or what not to do! We can also take a Bible verse, commit it to memory, and use it to meditate on to let the Word seep in even deeper.
  2. Time in prayer: Staying connected to God through prayer is a powerful way to prepare us for the challenges of life. Acknowledging His Sovereignty in praise, confessing our shortcomings, thanking Him for what He has done in the past and being grateful in advance for what He will do for us are all part of the prayer process.
  3. Time with other believers: We should never give up spending time with other believers. We need the fellowship, we need others to hold us accountable, and we need others to pray for and encourage us along the way.

My Confession:

Many years ago I chose to join in with gossiping about the struggles of a friend. It was exciting to feel important because I had information the other person didn’t have. However, my sense of importance immediately deflated as I realized I’d betrayed someone’s trust.

Now, I stop myself, breathe deeply, say a silent prayer if needed, and choose not to respond. It’s a blessing that God gave me that lesson many years ago. I would not be a safe person in the counseling office if I made a practice of revealing everything I’m told.

Because of His tender mercies and gracious love, God doesn’t count us out when we fail. He never wastes a hurt or a lesson that He so lovingly provides. Life will give us many opportunities to learn from its challenges. So if we get ready, stay ready, then we’ll be ready for any test that comes our way!

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