I see construction garbage in front of my neighbor’s house as I walk down the street. I thought “I wonder if all that cement is harmful to the environment?”

Suddenly, my own house comes into view. Large palm fronds and four over-sized garbage bags filled with leaves from clearing out our yard. My judgmental heart beats loudly as it dawned on me that garbage is garbage.

Garbage is garbage


It’s so easy to rationalize that my garbage is biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. So my garbage isn’t as bad as my neighbor’s, right?

One Sunday morning in church I took a seat next to a man who reeked of alcohol. His character defect was fully fragrant. The praise team began a worship song that I love. I raise my voice in song as I get excited. My voice carries above the crowd when I sing with abandon. I must confess that at times I sing loud to get attention. It worked well for me as a child. But, I’m not a child any longer. Lord, forgive me! I realize I’m singing loud hoping to impress those around me. I seriously check myself in that moment.

With tear-filled eyes I acknowledged my sin. Suddenly, the putrid stench of alcohol wafted up my nostrils from the man sitting next to me. God’s loving reminder that my sin was no less sinful than the excessive use of alcohol.

Rational lies regarding personal garbage endangers intimacy with God.

When the standard of righteousness I follow is, ‘I’m not as bad as so and so’ then I need to pick up my Bible and reacquaint myself with God’s standards. I must remember than I’m not called to seem holy, I’m called to be holy as He is holy.

Garbage is garbage. Sin is sin. God is calling me out on my character defects because He’s highlighting all of the areas in my life where I choose to rationalize my actions instead of confessing when I do wrong.

Confession of the garbage in our hearts is a spiritual discipline so often neglected.

Scripture says, “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” My first CD is entitled, Make Me Holy. It grieves my heart when I realize I’ve strayed from holiness because of stroking my own ego instead of glorifying God. May God continue convicting me in order to overcome the habit of ‘rational-lies’. I know in my head that I can never deceive God. His standards will always remain intact and it is up to me to confess and correct my behavior so that He can be glorified.


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