Loving unconditionally is hard work.

Loving for a lifetime is a daily lesson in humility.
It always amazes me how rapidly people on the Hallmark channel fall in love and resolve all their differences before the movie ends.

A family misunderstanding that leads to years of estrangement. A rebellious child who runs away each time he’s challenged to make a change in behavior. Arguments, hurt feelings, all resolved in 90 minutes so we can get to the happily ever after part, the part that makes us feel good inside. Sometimes leaving us wishing for the life those fictional characters are living instead of being stuck with life on life’s terms.

Where is the life of love for us real people, with real issues, and real relationships?

Each day in the counseling office, in the news, or on Facebook I hear about the pain that humans cause each other. Families, schools, workplaces, churches, and governments are filled with hurting people who hurt other people.

And yet, It doesn’t have to be that way…

Fortunately, the night Hope was born Love took on flesh.

He lived a life that forever models sacrificial unconditional love for all mankind. A life that revealed a perfect love that removes all need to fear.

His standard of love requires making choices. Hard choices.

Real love is difficult to find. Difficult to live out. Real love is an effort that reaches to the highest degree. Unconditional love doesn’t ask, “what have you done for me lately?” Love in the highest degree seeks to meet the challenge to love in and through the hard times.

May we each make the choice to love better, to love to the highest degree, to the end, one day at a time!

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