Not everyone meets Christmas with joy.

Back in 1985 we had one of the most difficult Christmas seasons ever. Our son, Cameron, was stillborn just two weeks before Christmas. It was a devastating loss after having suffered our first stillbirth just 10 months earlier.

It’s not easy to celebrate with a heavy heart. I know from personal experience that weeping may remain for a night but joy truly does come in the morning. We just don’t always know how long the night will last.

The night that the Magi saw His star standing over where the Child was located they rejoiced wholeheartedly. They had seen His star in the east at the beginning of their journey and chose to search for Him. When they left their home they determined in advance that they were going to worship Him as King. They had brought gifts with them to offer Him. They traveled a great distance. Perhaps they faced obstacles along the way. Seeing the star confirmed that they had finally made it to the right place. After they celebrated they went inside and fell before the Child in worship. Following their incredible rejoicing they worshiped.

If we notice the sequence of events first came the hardship of a long journey before they could rejoice…before they could worship…before they could give Him their gifts. Traveling through dark nights of the soul may take a lot out of us and it may be a difficult and long process. But, when we get through, when we overcome, the best response is one of rejoicing. May you find the answers you are searching for in Him. May you find comfort. May you find peace. May you find Hope. And may this Christmas be one of rejoicing with exceedingly great joy. Celebrate Him. Worship Him. Offer your gifts and talents to Him. Christ has come. O come, let us, adore Him!

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