I’m not always excited about each season of life.

Are you?

Some seasons are hard.  Some seasons are stressful. Some seasons are joyful! Some seasons last too long. Others don’t seem to last long enough!

In this season of life I’m finding joy in listening to His voice, in singing new songs, and in learning new lessons.

I decided to start this new blog to capture some of the highlights of this “season of singing” that I’m in.

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Have you ever chosen a single word to guide your goals and plans for the year? 

My word for 2015 is PASSION. It’s not always easy for me to be passionate. An introvert by nature I tend to take things slowly, I’d rather not be in the spotlight if I can avoid it, and I enjoy reading a book just as much as I enjoy singing. Perhaps in the days ahead you’ll be inspired to find your passion or your word to guide you for the rest of this year or for the new year that is fast approaching.

Let’s explore some life lessons together…I’m looking forward to having you with me!

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