Not long after our puppy, Sabaka, came to live with us, I was sitting outside with my Bible doing a study on brokenness. I stopped for a bit to watch her play. She chased coconuts, ate leaves, and ran around the yard finding treasures. In between each action she would come back to me and I would pet her and shower her with love.

As I sit today in sorrow over the loss of her life to parvo, I am also reminiscing over those moments in the yard observing her play. It calls to mind how I am with God at times. I start reading my Bible and decide to get a drink. In the kitchen as I wait for my teapot to come to a boil I pick up my phone and check Facebook. As I check on what my friends are up to I come across a video to watch…and so on. When I finally get back to my Bible study, time is growing short and I have lost my train of thought with all the distractions.

God didn’t move.
He didn’t get sidetracked.
I did.

How I long to sit at His feet and be loved on by Him. But O, how hard it is somedays to stay put long enough to hear His voice and feel His presence!

I’m grateful for the brief time we had with our pup. I have photos, memories, and lessons gleaned from her short life.

Like her brief life…our lives are like a flower quickly fading. May we be found hungering and thirsting for more of Him. May we have steadfast and prepared hearts that are set on praising Him. May our souls awake to His presence. And may we acknowledge the greatness of His love and the magnitude of His faithfulness.

#FromBrokennessToBeautiful #MakeMeHoly

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