Six months ago I could barely raise my left arm. Something as simple as reaching for the soap in the shower was excruciatingly painful. I have cervical osteoarthritis and a pinched nerve in my shoulder. In plain English, I have arthritis in my neck that caused the pinched nerve. The diagnosis left me depressed, feeling old, and useless. As a result I couldn’t run anymore because the impact was too much to bear. It seems that television commercials specialize in making it look so easy to get on with life after you suffer a setback. All you have to do is buy this product or take that pill.

Desperately I cried out to God asking Him, “why me?” and I prayed for healing.

It seemed like I would never get an answer. But, a few days later I got a message from Kaylon at Powerhouse Fitness Studio asking me start working out again. I gave him every excuse I could think of, but he ignored them all.  I’m so grateful that he did!

Although I don’t run anymore, I am able to walk three times a week, and I’m at the gym three times a week as well. I’ve lost 10% of my body fat, I’ve stopped feeling sorry for myself, and I’ve gained strength physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Not long ago there was a video posted on Facebook showing me lifting 145lbs. Someone said, “I saw a video of you lifting weights and making it look so easy!”


Making It Look So Easy

That first day back in the gym I could barely lift a 5 pound weight with my left hand. Kaylon had to work around my limited range of motion to help me regain strength. I’m grateful that my limitations are no longer holding me back. Each week I feel stronger and smile bigger.

The treasure wrapped inside of weakness is new strength, God’s strength.

What looks so easy in the video came through a lot of hard work, sweat, and determination. How often do we look at social media and think someone else’s life is easier? Or more glamorous? Comparison is a thief of joy. And that voice that tells you that you can’t do something, that voice is a liar!

Are you feeling down? Does life seem too overwhelming to bear? Cry out to God and He will answer you.

The answer may not be wrapped up in the package you expect. Your healing may come through hard work in a counseling office, or through opening up to a friend, or it may come from sweating it out at the gym. But, God will answer!

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