Lord, I love the house where you live, the place where your glory dwells.
Psalm 26:8 NIV

Where does God live? As a believer He lives in you!

The church is not a building. The church is His people.

Embrace and love the places where His glory lives. Allow the Holy Spirit to have room in your heart. Let Him take over your life. You won’t regret a life lived wholeheartedly for Him.

Live with intention.
Live with vigilance.
Live with hope.
Live with peace.
Live with the knowledge that He lives in you!

I spent years wondering if I looked good enough, if I was smart enough, and if I was strong enough to serve Him. Years wasted being fearful, aimless, and filled with doubt.

I didn’t see myself the way God sees me. I knew He loved me but I didn’t always love me. So I questioned His love for me because I couldn’t see my own worth.

I grew up in the era where we sang hymns about being lowly and was taught not to think too highly of myself.
As I was studying Psalms earlier this year I saw this passage and it finally clicked that the house where God dwells is me!

I need to love how God designed me and utilize each one of the gifts and talents He gave me, all for His glory.

He equips His house, He fills His house, and He makes His house a home.

That is my deep desire for myself and for you! Let God move into His house full time. Not just on Sundays, not just when you feel good, but each and everyday!

And remember He is not just in you but He is in your brothers and sisters in Christ. Respect and love them too!

Value them as you value yourself in God. “Why gaze with envy at the mountain where God chooses to live,” like it says in Psalms 68:16.

Encourage those living for Him. Champion them instead of comparing, competing, or criticizing.

May this be our prayer:

Precious Yahweh,
May we remember that we are Your dwelling place. We are Your sanctuary. You live in our praises. You make a home in our hearts. Our bodies are not our own but they are temples dedicated to reflecting Your glory. We trust You to equip us and empower us to serve You. May we begin today to live lives that are worthy of our calling in Christ Jesus. May we live to honor You. And may we love the house where Your glory dwells!


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