As I was out running one morning I had a great revelation,
I don’t always have a loving attitude toward myself.” 

What I mean is my self-talk is not kind. I was putting myself down for being slow…when it hit me. I was running uphill, in the heat, at age 52. Yeah, I’m moving slow but I’m out here. And I’m running! A man on a bicycle was also struggling up the hill.

My thinking had to shift. I had a compassionate attitude toward him but a harsh one toward myself. That had to stop. I’m working on changing my self talk. I’m choosing to speak lovingly to myself when I need encouragement.

How about you? Are you kind to yourself? Are you doing everything in a loving manner; in the spirit of His great love? Worship is not limited to a short portion of time before the service. Worship is a lifestyle. Worship includes obedience to God’s word. And His word says, “Let ALL that you do be done in love.” That includes how you act, how you speak, and what you think.

We shouldn’t operate out of fear, or frustration, or arrogance. But, out of love. His love, in each sphere of our lives. As we offer up ourselves as living sacrifices let this include living a life of love!

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