Has Christ been invited to your Christmas celebration?

As Christmas approaches it’s time to focus, reflect, and ponder the true reason for this holiday.

When I think about Mary and Joseph being able to hold Jesus in their arms, I am amazed.

Amazed that God allowed His son to come to earth to be our Savior. Amazed that although the heavens couldn’t contain Him, that He was able to walk this earth. He chose to be a Living Sacrifice for you and for me. And I am in awe of Him and of who He really is and of what He has done for us.

The heavens can’t contain Him
Yet Mary held Him in her arms
Pondering the mystery in her heart.
He chose to come earth
In weakness and in strength
A living Sacrifice for you and me.

The heavens couldn’t hold Him
Yet, He lives within our hearts
Covering the whole earth with His love.
Without His hope as anchor
I’d be lost on stormy seas.
His precious gift of life would not be mine.

A gift born in a manger
A Bright and Morning Star
Joy came to the world that silent night
Enthroned in heavenly peace
Mercy wrapped in newborn clothes
Glory, Hallelujah, pure Joy is mine!
© 2014

Make room for Him. Seek His face, wait on His touch, hope on His name…may He open your heart to His joy. May He fill you, renew you, and restore you day after day. Invite Him in and welcome Him with open arms, open hearts, and open homes. Welcome the reason for the season. Whether He be newborn or reborn in your heart… make room for Him as Lord!

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