Have you ever had to pray and praise your way through a hard time?

That’s what Paul and Silas teach us to do in Acts 16:16-26.

In fact their worship time was so strong it caused an earthquake powerful enough to open the doors and make everyone’s shackles fall off!

Today I’m speaking at a worship workshop and my topic is:

Broken Along the Way

As I was preparing my notes a song that my Aunt Betty used to sing back in the day at our little church in Wichita, Kansas came to mind. It’s called ‘Hallelujah Anyhow’. I believe that God is able to redeem our circumstances. He can replace our doubts, fears, and frustrations with love, compassion, and gratitude, And He can refine us by polishing our rough edges to make us shine like stars in the darkness so that we reflect His glory. I’m still working on praying and praising my way through pain and heartache. And this lesson from Paul and Silas and this song are helping me along this path.

Give it a listen clicking below…I hope it inspires you as much as it does me!

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