Each year during the month of November I give thanks for one thing each day. I write it on a leaf and tie it to a little tree I have in my living room.

I was looking through old photos and found this one from last year.

“uncovering dormant gifts”

I am so grateful to be singing and writing again. The poetry writing that I used to do in my journal as a teen has turned into songwriting as an adult. And singing in the choir has turned into being the worship leader at my church. Listening to the struggles of my friends has turned into counseling victims of abuse and exploitation.

Are there some gifts of yours that you have let hibernate for awhile? Maybe some that you never took the time to let fully develop? It’s not too late to start living out your passion. It’s always the right time to begin doing what God designed you to do! Here are 7 sparks to help you find your way back to those gifts and talents that you’ve put on the back burner:

1. Journal your prayers and thoughts daily.

2. Make a list of what you wish you had time to do.

3. Think about what you were doing the last time you lost track of time.

4. Remember the dreams you had as a child. 

5. Ask a close friend or your spouse what they think you should be doing.

6. Make a daily gratitude list.

7. Take some time away from your daily routine and gain some perspective on your life.

Whether it’s decorating cakes, leading a Bible Study, or reading to a group of children, we all have skills that can be used to bring Him glory!

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